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Pointers by Paul's Photo

Why I Love Infrared Photography

Infrared photos are awesome. They attract attention and win awards regularly!

I LOVE Infrared photography because it provides me another creative outlet. IR images possess a unique look and feel and offers me the ability to produce quality photographs in the middle of the day. Should you try the Power of Infrared in your photography? I hope so and the Paul's Photo and Creative Photo Academy team will help you find your way into success in Infrared.

Many photographers have experimented with IR Photography in the past. For film photographers this means Kodak HIE film, loading the camera in total darkness and shooting at high noon. The images produced are quite stunning. Glowing portraits, light foliage with near black skies and a very surreal look to everything.

I have chosen the 720 Nanometer (720nm) Spectrum for my IR images. Why? It simply is the look I like. Yes, there are other choices if you like. My 720nm converted camera produces three unique looks (there are even more possibilities with different processing options). The most popular is Black & White with white foliage, dark skies and fantastic tonality in bright sunshine. Landscape and Travel photos resonate spectacularly with this effect. 720nm IR Portraits and People photos feature dreamy “alabaster” skin and haunting eyes. IR Portraits are not for every subject but can be truly amazing.

Color photographers are always looking for the best light in the golden hours of the early morning late afternoon for the best photos. Traditional Black & White photographers are drawn to the quiet light before sunrise and after sunset and soft light during the day. Mid-day sun is too harsh and a great challenge for traditional photographers because of the bright highlights and deep shadows. IR photographers relish the noon-day sun and the opportunities it presents: Sun & Shadow, Plant-life & Sky and the Intense Tones! As a photographer who loves the opportunity to shoot all day, I appreciate the opportunities that IR provides. Seeing and capturing what a “normal” camera struggles to record.

Once I’m back to the computer with my RAW Infrared files, now the next level of creativity begins! Infrared photos can be processed as deep and rich Black & White images, a warm sepia color effect or an alternative false color effect. How I process an image depends on the subject, lighting, and what the processing brings to the photo. Other processing options exist and are being explored every day! Most of my IR photos are shared as Black & White. I hope you will join me exploring the Power of Infrared Photography.