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Our goal at Paul’s Photo is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase. If, for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us within 30 Days from the purchase date for store credit and within 14 Days (Online-Orders Only) or 7 Days (In-Store) for a refund.

All returned or exchanged items must be in NEW CONDITION. Your return must be in the original undamaged box and must include all packing material with original labels attached, blank warranty  cards, sealed manuals, software & all other included accessories.
If you claimed a mail in rebate, you are not eligible for a return!

Other conditional requirements for returns or exchanges to note:
Items with timers must show less than 120 minutes of use.

Items with shutter counters must show less than 200 exposures.

Defective items will be repaired or exchanged in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s defective product &warranty policies.

Return shipping on all returns is the responsibility of the customer.

All items will need to be received &inspected before any refunds, returns or credited payments can be processed.

Refunds are made by the “same method” of payment of the original purchase. Debit card & check payments will be refunded by check after 10 business days minimum from the original purchase date.

Cash purchases may be subject to refund by check at the store’s discretion. Gift card purchases will be returned as a gift card. NOTE: Your bank may take up to 7 additional days to process a credit card refund.

Any discontinued, final sale, close out or clearance items.
All used items sold in good working condition and have no initial defects.
All consumable items, including but not limited to - film, paper, any light or heat sensitive items, inks, tapes, bulbs, batteries, memory cards, chemicals and other like items.
Any open educational materials - This includes opened books, videos & software in all formats
All and any content that is downloaded or provided digitally
Cloth, canvas, vinyl, paper or any photo background accessories.
Open blister pack items.
Labor, delivery, repair or installation charges.
Any special order items
Any item customized or modified before or after purchase.  
Gift Cards
All shipping fees & charges
Items that have been damaged or show wear& tear.

A restocking fee of up to 15% of the total purchase price may be charged for open electronic items. Including computers, projectors, camcorders, lenses & all cameras. This is fully at the discretion of store management.

Paul's Photo occasionally offers promotional offers & savings when qualified products are purchased together or purchased in multiple quantities. In the case of returns involving these bundles – all items included in the original sale must be returned or additional charges may be incurred.

All promotional & free items included with purchase are subject to the same condition requirements as listed above to be considered for return.

If you purchase includes any promotional items, coupons or special offers - Those items are subject to the same return requirements listed above and if they either do not qualify or are not present with the return, the customer will be required to pay the full retail value of those items, used offers or promotional items not returned. This includes used discount coupons, redeemed class discounts or any other offers that have been used prior to the return.

These promotional items also include Free or discounted items, discount coupon booklets, free or discounted classes &any additional discounts where items where reduced in price due to conditional promotions or volume discounts.

Individual items included in a bundle may not be returned. Returning promotional items will result in voiding of all savings applied to the promotional bundle sale. The customer will be required to pay back all bundled savings applied to that sale. (You purchase a camera plus 3 accessories to receive a $100 reduction in your total purchase price. If you then want to return the promotional items, you will be required to pay back the $100 savings and the item will be returned for only the charged value on the sales ticket). Be aware this can result in a customer owning PAUL’S PHOTO a balance.

Free promotional items have no return value. If free items are missing from a return, the customer will be billed the retail value of the missing items against the total return.