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Pointers by Paul's Photo

The Power of the L-Bracket

An L-Bracket is a recent invention in Photography. It mounts on the bottom of your camera to provide easy on and off of the tripod. It protects the camera from bumps & bruises and facilitates a seamless switch from Landscape to Portrait perspective. Pro and Hobbyist Photographers know and appreciate the benefits of the L-Bracket.

Modern tripods use the industry standard Arca-Swiss Quick Release System. Your L-Bracket is the portal to this wonderful dove-tail system. Your custom L-Bracket is safe and secure, prevents twisting, and makes tripod use a breeze!

The L-Bracket covers the bottom and one side of the camera offering physical protection from drops & bangs. It's magic how the L-Bracket takes the abuse for your camera.

The L-Bracket was invented to make it easy to switch your composition from horizontal to vertical without having to reposition the tripod. Before the L-Bracket many photographers were reluctant to adjust the framing. Everything we can do to make in-camera cropping nearly perfect leads to better pictures!

L-Brackets are a great addition to any camera kit costing from $30 to $200. At Paul's Photo we prefer the SmallRig

L-Brackets and Cages. They offer the great features you look to get out of your camera rig and the build quality to give you peace of mind in your shoots. All at a superb value.