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Pointers by Paul's Photo

Super Telephoto Lenses

WOW! I can carry a 600mm or 800mm lens on my hike! How cool is that to capture the birds and animals you see! Since the beginning of photography this has been the dream of virtually every photographer. In the past super-telephoto lenses weighed nearly 10 pounds (~5kg) and cost over $10,000! Today, Canon and Nikon have amazing, affordable and carry-able 600 and 800mm lenses. It’s a game changer! Just think what it will do for the coming eclipse with a new 600 or 800mm lens!

Why do you want a super-telephoto lens? To get closer! Wildlife, scenery, action and astronomy all look amazing at 600 or 800mm.  Frame-filling photos for 10, 15 or 20 feet away of small birds and mammals are now possible. Canon and Nikon bring me closer in a package that is do-able!

Canon RF 600mm F/11 STM

~15’ min focus ~ 2lbs ~11x3.6” - $799

Canon RF 800mm F/11 STM

~20’ min focus ~2.7lbs ~14x4” - $999

Nikon Z 600mm F/6.3 PF

~13’ min focus ~3lbs ~11x4” - $4799

Nikon Z 800mm F/6.3 PF

~16’ min focus ~5lbs ~15x5” - $5999 (After Rebate)

A walk at the Botanic Garden capturing birds and insects is super fun with a 600mm lens! Canon’s compact 600mm 11 on the R5 camera made a very “walk-able” kit for virtually any photographer. Reaching out deep into the scene makes it easy to capture small animals in flight, and mammals too! Canon’s fast-auto-focus worked in less-than-ideal conditions.  Yes, the f11 aperture is a challenge, but in moderate light with a little higher ISO the Canon kit makes amazing pictures.

Close-up photos of wildlife is a goal of photographers, travelers, birdwatchers and naturalists alike. Nikon’s new 800mm lens for the Z camera breaks the rules for super-telephoto lenses. One-third the cost, half the weight with superior performance is a hallmark of the Nikon Z lenses. A week in Yellowstone with the Z 800mm produced some fantastic results, including a double eagle!

An afternoon at the beach with an 800mm lens produced some superb photos. The Nikon Z 800mm 6.3 captures surfing, dogs on the beach and a beautiful sunset both hand-held and on a tripod. The ultra-fast and responsive focus made tracking action simple to capture. The high-resolution performance produced stunning images.

Until recently the super-telephoto lens was out of the size and weight range of most photographers. Canon and Nikon have made 600 and 800mm photography possible with new light-weight mirrorless cameras and lenses. Are you ready to expand your range and reach with a 600 or 800mm lens?