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Photo Walking with The Canon EOS R7

So, I wasn’t sure if I was to ready to break into the Canon mirrorless world. When the Canon R7 was announced, I thought that this would be a great candidate for a new walkaround/travel camera. However, I was not ready to give up my 5D Mark IV, or my 7D Mark II, just yet.

For those of you who know how and where I shoot and what I enjoy…having a smaller lighter camera, that was touted as a fast low light camera, seemed to be a perfect addition for my “urban” street adventures.

So, I decided to walk around San Diego with my fast shooting 32.5 mega pixel new friend over my shoulder. What I found really surprised me.

My camera came with the 24-150 kit lens. What I really wanted was a prime wide angle and a prime portrait lens. So down to Paul’s Photo I went to see what they had. Mark outfitted me with the RF 16mm lens and the RF 85 mm lens. Both were perfect for my shooting.

I used my 16mm for daytime architecture angles. The images were sharp, and the clouds cooperated.

I went out at night and found the “Ghosts and Graveyard” Tour in Old Town San Diego. The images of the “professor” were handheld at night, in a graveyard and the only light was either a hand lamp or distant streetlights. There was no flash and very little ambient light. My ISO was 12800!!! My subject was talking and moving as I was shooting. But, I still got several images, some that he will use for his business.

During my walkaround I was fortunate to find the gruff looking proprietor of a cigar shop. Shooting at 800 ISO at a 1/60th of a second in a very dark room. I found the light was perfect for a sinister black and white.

My color images were done with the vibrant colors in mind. I shot both images with the 16mm prime, close to the subjects to get a different angle and feeling for the image. I have to say, I was very pleased and a little surprised with the images I got. Also, carrying around a new and exciting camera with 3 lenses in a small day pack is worth the price of admission.

Keep Shooting My Friends

Rick Jauregui