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Our New Travel Cameras

Our Creative Photo Academy crew just returned from an amazing Photo Adventure in Tuscany. Photographers and spouses had a fantastic experience making beautiful pictures, drinking Chianti, and eating gelato!

Watching the photographers in action it became apparent the new camera technology had a giant impact on the photographers and their pictures. A majority of students brought full-frame mirrorless cameras on the adventure. The new technology had enormous advantages!

I took the Nikon Z9 to Tuscany and I couldn’t be happier with my photos. I am new to mirrorless cameras, so I was a little nervous leaving my D850 behind, but the Z9 was fantastic! The performance of the camera for indoor, low-light situations was great and the in-body stabilization allowed me to hand-hold shutter speeds of 1/30th second, even with the 70-200mm lens. The combination of the Z9 focus system and the S-series Z lenses produced tack sharp pictures in every situation I tried. I was also able to learn a lot from Mark and the other photographers on the trip. The variety of pictures and amount of creativity was a real inspiration. I can’t wait for the next CPA adventure!


I LOVE my Canon R5 full-frame mirrorless camera. It’s lighter than my previous Canon SLR and easy for me to handle and travel with my camera. Canon’s new focus and stabilization are amazing and make clearer pictures for me. Poor light photos in Italy were fantastic with ISO of 3200 and 6400 -- no problem! Eye-Focus helps me make clear, natural portraits simply. The Quick Control button and touch screen operation enable relative beginner to change settings quickly and get the picture I desire. The R5 camera with 24-70 and 70-200 L lenses set me up for success in Italy.


I converted to mirrorless several years ago, and have never looked back to SLR photography. The weight of the SLR is the first thing that you notice - in my case my Sony a7RIV clocks in at 1.46 lbs, more than a half a pound lighter than a comparable SLR camera. Shooting mirrorless takes photography to a whole new level —silent shutter shooting; eye focus that works perfectly, simply selecting focus point!. We just returned from Italy with the Creative Photo Academy on an amazing photo trip!  My Sony's performance was remarkable, and the focusing performance was sterling. I have tended to be a bit ’sloppy’ on focusing, but the Sony (set on auto-focus, eye priority) delivered.

The focus found the subject on 99% of my Italy photos!  It’s performance in shooting indoors and out was the best I’ve ever seen! To me mirrorless full-frame is a winner.