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Nikon Z Mirrorless Simply Clicks with me

Patrick Grady is a Photo Enthusiast and Professional Event Photographer based in Florida. He recently added Z9 to his camera bag along with NIKON z50, Z6ii and Nikon Z7ii.

Photography has been a part of me for about as long as I’ve been alive. I dabbled as a kid, but I’ve been shooting seriously since I was in the 9th grade… over 40 years ago. My first solid camera was a Nikon FM2… and it was amazing. Nothing automatic about it… and just a nifty 50… but it made me happy and helped spark a huge interest in photography that continues with me today.

Professionally, I shoot events and commercial projects. Personally and passionately, I shoot nature, birds, and wildlife. I was inspired to check out the Nikon Z50 because it’s such an amazing machine… and I bought it as a “testing the waters…” which I used alongside my D810 and trinity of 2.8 glass plus plus plus.

I was so impressed with the Z50, I bought a Z6ii. And some Z Glass. And then felt a need to get back to the larger files for cropping… and got a Z7ii. I thought I was set for a while. Then the Z9 came out. And I am on the list to get one as soon as they’re out.

I’m really not a gear crazed person. But when I finally “got it”… and the Mirrorless Z started to click with me - I went all in and sold my entire full frame F mount setup. I’m all Z now… and have never looked back.

I stumbled upon Paul’s Photo virtually… I’ve never walked through the doors of the shop. They’re in California… I’m in Florida, and prior to that in Costa Rica and New York City. And we had Adorama and B&H a subway ride away!!

What I love about PAUL’S PHOTO - and it’s true from Mark Comon, the owner, to virtually every staff member I’ve been lucky enough to talk with… is that they’re in it for the art and creativity of photography. They’re in it for the inspiration - to give and receive. And they are all about the joy of creating memories and art through the wonder of photography.

From Mark’s daily creative inspiration throughout the worst of the pandemic… to the amazing Creative Photo Academy Classes the regularly hold online… it’s helped me to get back to the core, the root of why I got into photography in the first place. They’ve helped make photography FUN again - and helped me go beyond the paid gigs to really explore and have fun with it. I can’t say enough about the inspiration and excitement that Paul’s Photo has helped me reclaim. It wasn’t gone, but it was sleeping. The CPA and online webinars have been fantastic - and inspirational. And you can’t help but love seeing what Mark will come up with next.

My absolute favorite camera store… from 2,000 miles away