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Pointers by Paul's Photo

My Passport to Creativity

My camera is my passport to creativity. It sees and captures what I direct it to capture. It allows my artistic mind to explore and build photos. Like a passport you need to carry your camera with you. Yes, your phone is convenient but how creative is it? How satisfying is the creativity?

The new full-frame mirrorless cameras are the creative photographer’s dream…. Smaller, lighter, faster, crisper and better in low light. Better picture quality for as little as half the weight! Leave your zoom lens behind and add a small, fast, prime lens to make your “walk-around” kit truly pocket-able. The mirrorless camera with a fast prime lens will open a new world of possibilities. It will challenge you to see selectively and use the “human zoom” to frame the photo properly.

Yesterday, at Disney’s California Adventure in the dramatic late afternoon light my Nikon Z7II (or your Canon or Sony) and the Nikon Z 40mm 2.0 (or Canon or Sony) was the perfect camera. It fit in my jacket pocket and allowed me to focus on fun and making pictures.

The challenging dusk light are simplified with the fast aperture of the prime lens and the high-ISO capability of the mirrorless camera. 1/500 at f 2 (or 2.8) with ISO 3200, 6400, 12800 all for some amazing photos!

Accept the challenge to carry your camera, your creative passport. Record your world and make art as you go. Have fun and share!