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My First Roll of Film with Nikon Z8

Thursday the first batch of the amazing NIKON Z8’s arrived. We worked hard all day to get cameras to our fantastic photographers. After work we celebrated our exciting day, and I made my first shutter click of the team.

Now I have to learn to use this powerful new photo machine so we can help you make amazing pictures. Where to go? What is a challenging photo location? Where will stress my skills and the camera’s tech? The Airport! Low light, moving subjects and the need for stealth. What was my kit? Nikon Z8 + 40mm 2.0 to be small, nimble and low light capable.

Nikon Z8 handled superbly under tough conditions of LAX. Auto-Focus in the low-light conditions was fantastic. I chose AF-C continuous focus with Wide-Area-Small and Wide-Area-Large focus are with No and People priority. Nearly all of the photos were tack-sharp focus on the face of the subjects. The Exposure was right-on on virtually every photo with Matrix metering, Manual exposure and Auto ISO.  Shutter was set to 1/250, aperture 2.0 for the majority of the photos. Slower shutter speeds to blur action were added for effect.

Capturing moments, telling stories and looking for light are the hallmarks of the journalistic photographer. The Airport never disappoints in finding interesting subjects. Shapes and lines, people in action and the chaos of modern travel are the subjects for our lenses. Nikon Z8 handled itself admirably and produced some memorable photos on it’s first sortie.

Back in the day the “First Roll of Film” with a new camera was a special event. Last night my adventure with NIKON Z8 reminded me of the buzz of that first roll of film. After all the hype and anticipation, did NIKON Z8 capture something special at LAX? I think so. I am looking forward to my second roll of film and sharing the pictures with you!

In only two days of the camera being released, the Nikon Z8 has been nothing but a big hit with our Z8 customers here at Paul's Photo. You can still get your pre-order in by clicking the link below! Your friends here at Paul's Photo will take care of you!