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Pointers by Paul's Photo

Make Your New Camera Right!

Every day behind the counter the team at Paul's Photo helps you select the right camera to make your perfect pictures. Yes, you chose the ideal hardware but what accessories will make your camera work better and easier and more effectively. Here are my recommended items to protect your precious camera and aid in the long-term picture-taking ability.

Lens Protection Filter - For decade smart photographers have protected the front of their lens with a high-quality clear filter. Every day in the camera store the Protection Filter saves a lens from drop, water, sand, and salt.  

Recommended: Promaster HGX Prime Protection Filter

Screen Protector - Just like your phone the LCD screen on the back of your camera is vulnerable.

Promaster Crystal Touch Screen Protector offers the gorilla proof safety while enabling full touch screen use.

Lens Hood - A hard-plastic dedicated lens hood is recommended for each lens to protect from bumps and dings and shield stray light. Pro lenses include the hood while consumer and hobbyist lenses require you to purchase the shade.  Recommended: The Specified Hood for each lens.

Memory Card - A NEW, FAST and ROBUST memory card empowers your camera’s recording speed with the confidence needed by professionals. Whether you use Compact Flash Express (CFe) or Secure Digital (SD) cards don’t be tempted yo safe a few dollars on an olde card. New camera tech needs the best memory card to succeed!  Recommended:  Delkin Black CFe and SD-UHS-II memory cards.

Memory Card Reader - Using a card reader downloads faster and safer than plugging the camera into the computer.

Recommended: Delkin or Hoodman Reader to fit your card

Memory Card Wallet - carrying multiple memory cards can get sloppy. Organize your cards in a nice, tight space.  

Recommended: Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket

Extra Battery - Dead battery = No pictures. Carry an extra fully charged battery at all times.  Recommended: Your camera maker’s battery or certified replacement

Dual Battery Charger -Charging two batteries at once is super convenient. USB be power allows for virtually charge anywhere… car, airplane, boat or from a USB power block!  

Recommended: Promaster Dually USB Charger

Comfortable Strap - Your camera strap is cool with your camera logo. I find a more comfortable strap more useful. The Peak Design Slide Straps easily switch from shoulder to cross body or no strap in a click. Three sizes to match your desires:

SLIDE, SLIDE Lite and LEASH allows you to tailor your strap to your needs.

Camera Bag - A small camera bag to carry camera and lens alone, camera and an extra lens or your whole kit? The right bag makes transporting your photo gear easier and safer.  Recommendation: the right bag for your kit.

Mark’s favorite: Think Tank Street Walker PRO V2

Wired Remote Release - A wired remote release makes clearer pictures under challenging light, reliably. Avoid the wireless temptation and plug in for success.  Recommendation:your camera maker’s simple wired remote.

L-Bracket- An L-Bracket is essential for tripod use and to protect your camera from bumps and dents.  

Recommendation: the custom L-Bracket for your camera