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The Perfect One For Me!

                                                  Karen Says:

                                 "This is my new favorite lens"

Karen is a Paul’s Photo customer and Creative Photo Academy student. She has found a passion in photographing the world and community around her. Karen chose the 24-200 lens for her photography.

Lens Decision

Those who know me are aware that I like walking around with my camera. I always found it hard to decide which lens to carry on my walks. Should I take the 24-70 or the 70-200? It seemed that I never made the right choice. When I took the 70-200, I needed something a little more wide. When I took the 24-70, then I needed the longer zoom.

My New Favorite Lens

That all changed when I bought the Nikon Z 24-200. After that, I never had to worry about what lens to take with me. I went to West Virginia on vacation recently.


I decided to travel lightly, so I took three light weight lenses.

The 24-70 f4, the 24-200, and the 50 1.8. I never took the 50 or 24-70 out of my bag during the two weeks I was there, and I was extremely happy with my photos.


I am aware that the 24-200 has drawbacks, but for me, it is a great all around lens when I do not need the low light capabilities or special uses of my other lenses. Indoors, outdoors, people and animals, day or night, and close or far away, it has been a very versatile lens for me.