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Getting Super Telephoto With The Nikon 800mm F/6.3 VR S

The Nikon 800mm 6.3 is a landmark lens for the Nikon Z system. Perfect for wildlife, action, surfing and even some close-ups! Our recent Adventure to Yellowstone gave me a great chance to shoot Z 800 under the most challenging conditions… driving snow and sub-zero temperatures. The lens made absolutely superb photos with no adverse effect from the weather!

The Yellowstone animals were captured with the long reach and easy portability of the 800! Our team was able to get close, not too close, but Z800 was the perfect lens. The frosty bison with snowy faces are the target of desire in Winter. Z9 and the 800 made hundreds of stellar captures. Bald-eagles nearly a quarter mile away in the snow are fantastic. Two eagles in a tree made great photo, titled “Hole-In-One.” That’s right, Double-Eagle, get it? Elk, Fox, Otter, and Moose graced the glass of the 800 with stellar results.

I trekked to the far corner our local Botanic Garden in search of a family of Owls. Nikon Z9 and z800 were easily hiked nearly a mile. The morning backlight was challenging. The bird’s position was problematic. NIKON Z9 with the Animal Face Detect AF and the Z 800mm’s reach made acceptable photos under sub-optimal conditions. The 800mm lens was fun to use in the garden on my way back to the car capturing the plants and flowers with an 800mm close up lens!

This lens clearly exemplifies the Z system philosophy of outstanding picture quality in a smaller and lighter package.  The Z 800 is a bargain at $6499, ~15” long and weighs a little over 5 pounds. Compare those specs to the competition and even Nikon’s F 800 ~$16,000, 18” long and over 10 pounds. The Z 800 is quite hand-holdable or well suited for tripod or monopod use. It focuses to ~16 feet and makes stellar close ups!

Since Nikon Z 800mm 6.3 was introduced well over a year ago it has been hopelessly over-sold. We finally able to accept orders on the NIKON Z 800mm 6.3. You will have to wait, but your patience will be rewarded!