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Pointers by Paul's Photo

Choosing The Big Telephoto Lens

A large tele lens will change your picture and video creations. It will allow you to capture subjects at distance and isolate them with a cleaner background. With all the choices, which is the best place to spend the money and make your award winning photos…

                                            My decision in a big lens is based on:

                               -Image Quality: Superb sharpness, contrast and color

                                                -Speed: FAST focus and tracking

                                            -Versatility: Capture all the situations

For me and most of my sports and wildlife friends the right “big lens” is the 400mm 2.8. Why? The 400mm focal length is the right size for sideline shooting

at sporting events. It allows us to capture game action and sideline portraits with one lens. 400mm is often the best choice for larger animals in the wild. For smaller beasts and birds in the wild you can easily add a 1.4 converter for wildlife @560mm, birds or distant action.

The 2.8 aperture is a requirement needed to shoot in low light levels, for fast and accurate focus, and most importantly for the creamy out-of-focus background. There is no substitute for a 2.8 lens to make those amazing photos!

Traditional 400mm 2.8 lenses were beasts at over ten pounds and $15,000.

The new generation has dropped to SIX pound and quite a cost savings!

                            Canon RF 400mm 2.8

                               $11,999        102 oz

                          Canon EF 400mm 2.8 iii

                               $11,999         100 oz

                        Nikon Z 400mm 2.8 TC VR S

                               $13,999         104 oz

                          (Includes 1.4x converter)

                         Nikon F 400mm 2.8 FL VR

                              $11,199          134 oz

                              Sony 400mm 2.8 gm

                              $11,999          102 oz

Many of you will ask “what about a zoom?” You can choose a zoom telephoto but with lower resolution, slower apertures and lower focus performance. I prefer the discipline and performance of a prime tele-lens. “What if I can’t afford $10k for a lens?” Look for an older generation used lens or save for the lens of your dreams. Once you shoot with a 400mm 2.8 you will be hooked!