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Pointers by Paul's Photo

Capture Your Christmas Tree

As we relish the warmth of the Holidays and are overcome by the beauty of our Christmas Tree and the decorations. We want to make a photo that captures that glory and spirit and preserves the memory. Yes, we try our phone and are disappointed. Grab your camera and let's get the amazing photo and share it!

Indoors there are two "looks" photographers love. First, Fast Prime Lens hand-held. Grab your 35mm film, D-SLR or Mirrorless camera. Choose a 50mm 1.2, 1.4 or 1.8 normal lens or 85mm 1.2, 1.4 or 1.8 portrait lens. Select the widest aperture and high ISO (3200 or 6400) and keep your shutter speed ~1/500. Focus on the main subject for that awesome blurred background effect.

Then other option is tripod and narrow aperture look to get deep focus and "starry lights" effect. Your camera with your normal prime or zoom lens (18-55mm or 24-70mm) is ideal.

* Frame the entire tree or get in closer for a detail.

* Use a sturdy tripod and wired-remote release (cable release) for shake-free photography.

*Disable your in-camera stabilizer or vibration reduction.

*ISO 400 f-stop 16 works best. Shutter speed may be as long as 30 seconds! F 16 turn pin-point lights into stars!

*Focus on an ornament or light near the center of the photo

*Adjust White Balance from Auto to Sunny to Tungsten as desired.

*Make the picture and enjoy! Don't forget to share it with #paulsphotoinc and #creativephotoacademy so we can all see what you have created!

We sincerely wish you the Merriest of Christmas' and Happiest of Holidays. May all your photos capture your dreams and desires.