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Beaches, Bio-Luminescence & Birds...OH MY!

Evelyn is a PAUL’S PHOTO customer and Creative Photo Academy student. You have seen her award-winning photos of the Manhattan Beach Pier in the newspaper and online. She recently changed brands and converted to NIKON Z for the enhanced picture quality and lighter weight.                                                                         


This photo was taken early on during the covid pandemic so the police were trying to keep people from gathering in crowds. It was a challenge to get this from up on the Strand since I was trying to obey the police orders to not go down to the water.  If you notice, the sign on the life guard stand says the beach is closed but people were ignoring it. It was awarded a prize at the OC Fair.


When the rainbow first appeared I ran into the house, got my camera, and by the time I got outside it had faded. About 15 minutes later it reappeared. I literally ran down the Strand from 12th St. to 9th St. and out to the water edge. LUCKY!!! This photo was selected to hang in the MB Art Gallery.

                                                                                              Sunrise Birds

This photo is an example of good anticipation. I was down on the sand taking photos when I noticed a trash picker going from trash can to trash can. There was a flock of gulls close to one of the trash cans. I knew when that guy got there they would take off. I ran to the right spot to get this photo when it happened.  FUN!!!

                                                             Sunrise MB to RB

I am always trying to capture the foggy morning at the MB Pier. It is so difficult to get a photo with the layers that this one shows. You just have to try and try again.

                                 Sunset at End

The sun sets at the end of the Manhattan Beach pier twice a year, Nov 17 and Jan 27. I go every time because it is always different. This time a little girl ran in front of all the photographers. Her Dad tried to call her away but I said "please let her be". This photo was featured in the Hermosa Beach Easy Reader.

Xmas Pier (12/7/17)

I was taking photos of the Christmas lights on the MB Pier. Some photographer told me to move about 30 feet further south and look at the reflections. WOW. If he had not been there I might have missed this shot. Lesson— try different perspectives.