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Attorney By Day, Photographer By...

I am an attorney by profession, but photography is my hobby. It feeds that creative part of my brain and soul that otherwise gets ignored in my professional world.

I started taking photography classes with Mark in 2006, shortly after my son was born. Initially I was mostly interested in portrait and travel photography. But after a landscape class and a black & white class, I felt ready to start going on some of the Creative Photo Academy adventures.

Mark started encouraging me to do a figure photography workshop. He talked about how much it had changed his own photography, and it seemed like an interesting combination of the skills I had developed with landscape, portrait, and black & white photography. No question, it was way outside of my comfort zone! But in 2016, I participated in my first figure workshop with CPA and Kim Weston.

I definitely caught the bug! I did another Weston desert figure workshop and Mark and I have gone a few times to cool locations like Lake Powell and Joshua Tree to do some really unique photography with amazing models. Now when I see a beautiful scene, I find myself thinking “it would look even better with a figure model!”

I still enjoy shooting landscapes and more recently, infrared photography has grabbed my interest. Today I am shooting mostly with a Nikon Z9 and my backup Nikon Z6ii which I had converted to infrared. My photography skills have improved exponentially due to the CPA classes and adventures, and due to Mark’s constant encouragement to try new and different things.