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A Headshot Above

                               Ronald Says: "A HEADSHOT ABOVE"

I chose Nikon due to my oldest brother exposing me to photography while I was 5 years old. He came back from Vietnam with a number photos from his war experience. As a result I began looking at various famous photojournalists who used Nikon.

I fell in love with the colors, the composition, and the places they would photograph. Nikon became a staple for me so I began attending Nikon Workshops throughout California. Various Nikon Field Schools began attending private workshops. I began investing in Nikon bodies like the FM2 - F5 on to the D2x on to D5. Now the Z system 6II/7II.

                                            How Do you use it?

I use my Nikons as a story telling tool. From Portraiture Around East Africa to Headshots here in the USA. Corporate Business Portraits, Branding Imaging, & Actor Headshots. Our Studio will also do commissioned Editorial & Commercial Work as well. Several Magazine Assignments yearly is how we use our Z System.

                                           Why Do you Love It?

The Colors, Dynamic Range, Autofocus, Artistic File Nature, Ergonomics, Build Quality have always been reliable!!! I have gone back & Forth to Africa and Europe over 25 times and not once has my Nikon Equipment failed in rain, dust or extreme humidity!!!

                           Why is Pauls Photo my go-to place?

Mark has so much positive energy so much knowledge and very transparent while greatly informed. Extremely professional people at Paul’s Photo.