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Photo Boot Camp:

Thanks for Photo Boot Camp. It's hard to improve on what I felt was a very comprehensive and informative series of classes. They were done in such a way so as to build upon themselves giving me a greater understanding of my camera and its capabilities. Very illustrative with terrific examples and great inspiration.



Thanks Mark for a great class! I got an insight last night about light. This is what I came to the class for. I've been forcing what I think I should be getting or what I am looking for into the time of day and light rather than allowing the light to inform me in what I should be shooting as a subject. No wonder my photography is so erratic and inconsistent. I can now see how it will be frustrating to get the subject I want with the right light or time of day. Its about patience and persistence isn't it. Wow, I just got 10x my money's worth. Thank you.


City Lights Bus Tour:

Hey Mark

I can't tell you how much fun I had last night, what a great group of participants and team members. I haven't even looked at my results yet but I'm sure they will be great. I was very impressed by you and your team members. Everyone seemed genuinely interested in making sure all had fun and got the desired results. Also another thing that impressed me, even though you might have done this dozens of times you still had lots of enthusiasm and interest yourself. Overall a job well done, I can't wait for the next one.



Death Valley Photo Adventure:


It is we who appreciate you. We appreciate your passion and your enthusiasm; we appreciate your friendship and knowledge.

But most of all we appreciate a stand-up guy that gives his all. We can depend upon you and rely upon you for honesty and truth in helping us achieve our goals.

With our loved ones we always hope that our love is unconditional. I think that you care about all of us in an unconditional way irrespective of commerce, financial position or photographic skill. You really want us to have a great time, -- and we did.

Stay well, do good work



The sun was shining, the dunes were alive, the flowers blooming, the people charming and the host inspiring! Thank you for a great trip!

Mary Jo


Monument Valley Photo Adventure:


Jon and I have been on countless photo workshops and trips

the world over'Your Monument Valley trip by far the highlight for me.

The visit with the Navajo people, the scenery, the photos and the group were spot on.

THANKS for the best photo experience of my life.


Wyoming Landscape and Figure Workshop:


I am still stoked about the Wyoming Landscape & Figure Workshop. You have outdone even yourself on this one. The location was absolutely outstanding providing a myriad of excellent backgrounds for your marvelous models. The instruction was also peerless. In addition, it was quite a bargain given three models and three instructors for five days.




Dear Mark, Winston, and Kim,

Thank you for organizing and leading a great photo workshop. I really appreciate your passion for your work and your creative ability.

I had a fantastic week. Everyone was kind and supportive. The models were awesome: not only their looks but their professionalism as well.

The scenery was incredible and the accommodations comfortable.

Next year can be even better by dedicating more time to enjoying and photographing the landscape around the ranch. The river right behind the ranch has some incredible scenery.

Next year I am excited about using the time for some instruction more efficiently and doing more photo editing and learning Photoshop mechanics.

I am editing my work from the trip and look forward to the after trip meeting.

With deepest gratitude,


Bryce & Zion Photo Adventure:

Herewith is "Markies Tune"


There ain't no use denyin'

We all love Bryce and Zion

Tho' we shot until we dropped

Up and down and thru the Hoo Doos

Will I ever get to sno-ooze

If I only had the verve.


Oh Mark can tell you why

The depth of field's so short

He can tell you why the Patriarchs hold court

Let's hit the lodge and grab a snort.



Brought our meters, brought our tripods

Brought our Brownies, Canons, Leicas

God, we hope our shots are good

Check the f-stop check the focus

Will the lightning start to poke us

Markie, stop that shuttle bus.


Only Mark can tell you why

The sed-i-men-try rocks

Jacob, Isaac, Abraham and Virgin Creek

Is just a clue

It's nothing new.


Had a birthday, shared my cake

Up at five for one more take

Next week's the time to rest

Spent thousands for the pleasure

Are my shots collectible treasure.

Markies' tours are best for sure!!!!

Yelp Reviews:


So my review is based purely on customer service. I am a small business in a nearby city. I have known of Paul's for years. Literally Forever. I rely on my cameras to run my business. I called with several questions and totally confused. Then I called back with more and then again with more. Zack always answered and politely transferred me to Gerry. Gerry easily answered all my questions and offered his services when I come in to purchase my cameras. Solely on there customer service I will only purchase from Pauls and always recommend them. Thanks for helping me out and turning my day around. I'll be by soon to purchase my new cameras!



I just took my first photography class (ever) this past weekend and it was great. Mark did a phenomenal job. I left feeling more confident in how to use my camera, but also wishing I had just signed up for their Boot Camp class in Spring 2013! I would definitely recommend their classes. As a beginner who just wants to take better pictures, they were great for me. I look forward to attending another class soon.



My grandfather passed so for his services we needed a couple photos blown up and mounted. I went to Pauls and worked with Jeff. His service was the best I could have hoped for! Not only did he get on the phone with my mom for quite a while (we were sending the wrong size jpg and so the blow up quality would have been poor), as he juggled all his other business tasks successfully, but he continued to assist us after i got the pictures (a day before promised) as I needed his computer image of a picture for the obituary announcement and program. He once again did it in the midst of meetings and other obligations and in the tiny time frame I needed. Thanks so much to Jeff at Pauls Photo and to such a wonderful, non corporate, caring company. YOU ROCK!



Just bought my first digital SLR - a Nikon 3200 and a 50mm add-on. I placed two phone calls and a visit to 'kick the tires'. In each interaction staff patiently answered my questions and helped me gain comfort that I was purchasing the right camera.



I needed to rent a special lens to photograph my daughters high school soccer game played at night under the lights. They were very courteous and helpful. They explained how I could rent the lens on Saturday and not return it till Monday for only a one day fee as they are closed on Sunday. The lens worked perfect and I was able to take some really great shots of the action. They also gave me a tip about the adjusting the white balance to compensate for the stadium lights. Will be doing allot more business with Paul's. The next season is right around the corner !!!!



I love this family owned business. I have been going to Paul's for years even during the time when I lived in Long Beach. It is one of the few places that still processes film, they rent out equipment, and they are very knowledgeable.



I am not an ace photographer, with expensive equipment and money to spend. My photographs are more on the order of family vacations and daily life. When I go to Paul's Photos, I am treated as well as all the people spending the money on the expensive gear. The people behind the counter have always treated me well, even if I'm just buying a battery or a point-and-shoot camera. Sometimes it gets busy, and I have to wait my turn, but then they are willing to take the time with me for whatever I need. I've started taking some of the classes at Paul's Photos, and the classes are wonderful! I'm learning a lot and enjoying meeting others in class. I've even taken some of the "adventure trips", which are also excellent. Mark does so much research before the trip, so we are in the right place at the right time. I've taken some great pictures in Yosemite and San Francisco as part of these trips, and I learn more with each trip. This place is definitely worth checking out, especially now that the remodeling is complete. Thanks to everyone there for being so helpful!



So I finally decided to get a DSLR camera and I did a lot of searching both in store and online. Most stores I went to the guys working behind the counter couldn't answer my questions regarding different models and features, etc. and acted as if I were a bother. Online there were some good deals but again no one I could talk to if I had any technical questions post purchase. At Paul's Photo the knowledge the staff have is exceptional. Gerry, helped me out the first day when I was just browsing and answered all my questions and explained the features of the camera I had been eyeballing for a while. I liked that he took the time to explain everything even though I acted as if I were just looking. There was no pressure to buy and when I told him I may be back there wasn't any bad vibe at all. Most stores if I took up their time and didn't buy anything you could tell because outwardly they appeared annoyed. In the end I bought from Paul's Photo because of their knowledge and great customer service pre/post purchase. I know I can go there anytime if I ever have questions or have a problem with my camera. Can't do that with Amazon! Plus I believe in supporting local businesses in my neighborhood. I'm totally happy with my new camera and have already had support from them when I have been stumped on a couple technical issues. I highly recommend Paul's Photo for whatever your photography needs are.





I just attended the Wine/Model/Food field trip and it was fabulous! Mark helped us extensively and it was everything it written up to be and more. I also took a Lightroom class and found it to be very professional. Oddly, looking at a couple of reviews, it looks as if there are some reviews about customer service skills-personally I have had a wonderful experience. I don't spend a lot of money but they have answered all of my questions respectfully. When a 1.8 lens rolled off a 2-story balcony and did not work, I thought it was dust; they dusted it off, changed the setting (user error) and it is working perfectly. I have been very satisfied with Paul's. I noticed that the bad reviews did not answer the rebuttal and all they could complain about was that they did not feel pampered...I have found just the opposite!





I highly, hilghy recommend this store! The owner runs photo classess that have made real photographers of 30 + at my employer. The service is wonderful - and I feel I get the straight stuff - that I would rather pay a little extra for the lifetime service that can't be beat. When I'm investing money in equipment I would rather speak to an expert than mail order internet. Photo service is high quality and priced right that I quit using a home printer - reduces quality print cost at home significantly



Just took the Christmas Lights Photo Walk & Shoot tonight, uploaded my photos and reviewed them. In 2 hours, I took 144 photos and had a blast. Mark Comon was on hand, along with 3 other Paul's Photo experts, that roamed the Sleepy Hollow area with us, giving tips, making suggestions, and checking to see if we were ok. The time just flew, but it was a fun and worthwhile experience. The evening was topped off when the group was invited to a local bar for a quick brewski. This was the 9th annual holiday walk/shoot for Paul's Photo and it was a delight to be included!!



These guys are AWESOME. I needed a part for a shoot that I was having done today and Mark hooked us up. He was super helpful explaining what we needed, why we needed it, and he helped us make sure we didn't pay for more than what we needed to get the job done. Nothing but praise for Paul's Photo. I'll always be going here for my camera needs.



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