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Product Specifications

Sekonic  L-478D Light Meter #401-478  

Main specs

Brand:  Sekonic

Type of Accessory:  Light Meter

Sekonic-L-478D Light Meter #401-478-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories
Specifications Media


Type of Accessory

Light Meter


Perfect Exposure
The Sekonic LITEMASTER PRO L-478D meter can be calibrated to your camera's dynamic range and mid-point. This enables making informed exposure decisions for the best results. Post process is now quality time making images look as you intended, not fixing errors.
Perfect Color
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport with Sekonic Grey Balance Card is a tool for consistent and accurate color under any light source. X-Rite made a special version of the ColorChecker Passport exclusively for this bundle! Get spot-on color on every shoot with no hassle.
Spend less time correcting bad exposures and color, and more time shooting.
Save Time – Save Money
Not only is this bundle affordable, but also consider the invisible costs: 
- The time you save getting the right exposure saves a lot of time making exposure corrections during post-processing.
- Starting from a neutral, repeatable color balance gives you consistency in color and also saves time correcting incorrect white balance settings during post-processing.






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