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Product Specifications

Lastolite  Triflip 8:1 Deluxe Kit 75cm #LR3699  

Main specs

Type:  Reflector

Size:  30.0"

Lastolite-Triflip 8:1 Deluxe Kit 75cm #LR3699-Light Tents, Softboxes, Reflectors and Umbrellas

Stand properties


Not Available

Reflector/Diffuser properties


Sunfire, SoftSilver, Sunlight, White, Gold, Black, Silver



General specifications




Black Relfector, White Reflector, SoftSilver Reflector, SIlver Relfector, Sunlite Relfector, Sunfire Reflector, Gold Reflector, 2 stop diffuser


Never get caught out again, up to 8 surfaces in the same bag. The TriFlips are designed to increase the versatility of the TriGrip reflector. Simply insert the TriGrip into the TriFlip sleeve for instant access.
A different surface on each side giving you more creative options.
Lifetime Rim Guarantee
If the rim breaks or comes apart the item will be fixed free of charge.
Triple Re-Enforced Stitch Line
Over 30 stitches per inch ensures steel rims won't be popping out of the rim tape.
Double Coated Reflective Surfaces
Ensures reflective surfaces won't crack or split after numerous uses.
Collapses To One Third Of Original Size
In seconds the item closes down to a convenient size for portability and storage.
Bag included
For easier storage and transport.
Hand Grip
An ergonomic hand grip to enable ease of use and precise control.
Single Handed Operation
Designed to be operated easily with one hand leaving your other hand free for your camera.
Warranty Lastolite Products
Lastolite will repair or replace any product found to have a manufacturing defect. This Warranty is effective for two years from the date of purchase.


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