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Product Specifications

Canon  RS-80N3 remote switch  

Main specs

Brand:  Canon

Type of Accessory:  Remote Trigger

Canon-RS-80N3 remote switch-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Remote Trigger


A compact remote switch with a 2.6-foot (80 centimeter) cable to prevent camera shake for super telephoto shots, macro photography, and bulb exposures. Handy for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure.

The remote switch works just like a shutter button, enabling halfway or complete pressing. It also has a shutter-release lock. With the EOS-3's Custom Function No. 12 (mirror lockup), camera shake can be further reduced.


Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Canon EOS 1DS Mark III, Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 40D, Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS 20D, Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II, Canon EOS 1Ds, Canon EOS 1D MKII N, Canon EOS 1D MKII, Canon EOS 1D, Canon EOS 10D, Canon EOS cameras using an N3 type connector, Canon EOS D2000, Canon EOS D60, Canon EOS D30, Canon ESO 1V HS/1V, Canon EOS 3




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