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When registering for a Photography Classes or Photo Adventures you are expected to have the following knowledge and skills:


Photo Boot Camp- Basic Photography

You are expected to be familiar with the following functions and controls of your camera. You need not be proficient in these operations but must recognize them and be able to discuss their use.


You may need your instruction manual to be familiar with the following:

  • Load and change film or memory card
  • Set ISO, film or digital
  • Set image size and quality (digital)
  • Change the battery and monitor battery life
  • Change lenses
  • Change exposure mode (Program, Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority
  • Change light meter mode (Average, Matrix, Spot)
  • Change f-stop and shutter speed
  • Read and know the viewfinder (display) information


Intermediate Photography

Photo Adventure & Tour

You are expected to be proficient in the Basic requirements.

You are expected to be familiar with the Intermediate operations and concepts. You do not need to be proficient but you must be able to discuss their use and application.


  • Set shutter speeds for control of stop and blur action
  • Set f-stop to control depth-of-field, narrow and deep focus
  • Control of exposure by spot metering, auto-exposure lock and sunny 16 rule
  • Beginning composition concepts: rule of thirds and leading lines
  • Ability to use wide angle and telephoto lenses effectively


Advanced Photography

You are expected to be proficient with the Intermediate requirements

You are expected to be proficient in use and control of all aspects of your equipment

You are expected to be proficient in the technical aspects of photography including:

  • Exposure, shutter speed, f-stop and lenses


You are expected to discuss intelligently the following:

  • Creative application of optics, f-stop, shutter speed and metering
  • Creative composition and it's application
  • Use of photography as an expressive media in the world around us
  • Appreciation of the works of the "great masters"
  • Desire to study and apply the styles and techniques of contemporary photographers
  • Photography as a way to share your ideas with the world


According to Webster:

Familiar: Acquaintance with or knowledge of something

Proficient: Highly competent in an art, skill or field of knowledge: adept


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