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PAUL'S PHOTO Rental Guidelines


1. Identification: Valid California Driver's License or Passport required

Legible photocopy of card holder's driver license and credit card (front & rear) required


2. Security Deposit: Deposit must cover the full replacement value of all rental equipment Credit Card deposit for the full replacement value of equipment, orCash deposit for the full replacement value of equipment, orCertificate of Insurance (see certificate of insurance requirements.).Credit card is required to cover deductible and rental fees.Checks are not accepted for security deposits


3. Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover

Note: Funds hold will be placed on the card for the deposit value

Funds are released by the credit card company, not Paul's Photo

Check cards or debit cards are not valid for security deposit


4. Certificate of Insurance:

Paul's Photo must be named the Loss PayeeCoverage must include, explicitly, professional photographic equipment, miscellaneous equipment, rented equipment, or rented and leased equipment, as well as property covered off premises.Policies with Unattended Vehicle Disclaimers will NOT be accepted.

All certificates and attached forms are subject to verification and approval.

Credit card is REQUIRED to cover insurance deductible and rental fees


5. Rental Fees: All prices are per day. A weekend is charged as one day. A week is

charged as four days. Monthly rates are three weeks. Prices are subject to change without notice. Weekly & Monthly rates available on pre-paid rentals only. Late returns will be charged the standard day rate.


6. Try before you buy: Receive 50% of one paid day rental toward your purchase of the same item if purchased within 72 hours of paid rental return.


7. Out of Town Rentals: Minimum billing is two rental days. Rentals shipped prepaid by the renter on the day you choose. Rental day rate is applicable until the return shipment is received. Paul's Photo is not responsible for delays caused by your carrier. Renter is responsible for all transportation and rental charges even if delayed by carrier.


NOTE: All equipment is thoroughly tested before shipment. Transportation can be very hard on equipment and totally out of our control. In the event of malfunction, or damage the renter is still responsible for transportation and rental costs.


7. Rental Credits: All equipment is thoroughly tested and in working order when rented. All damage, "it didn't work" or "we didn't use it" is the responsibility of the renter. No credits will be given. It is the responsibility of the renter to "know how to work" the equipment before renting.


8. Damage, Loss or Theft: Renter will be charged the value of the equipment or repair cost and the day rate on equipment until repair or reimbursement for damage or loss is made.


9. Spare Lamps: There is no charge for spare lamps provided that burnt-out bulbs are returned. Missing lamps, broken lamps or filaments, or excessive burnouts will be charged. Flash tubes, halogen lamps and digital projector lamps are the responsibility of the renter.


10. Reservations: Reserve your rental well in advance! 50% deposit required to reserve rental items. Failure to cancel a reservation 24 hours prior to pick-up will result in a full-day rental charge.


Daily Rates

  • Minimum rental $20 per day
  • Pick-up BEFORE 4 pm and return within 24 hours for 1 day rental charge.
  • Pick-up AFTER 4 pm rental begins 10am next day. Return before 10 am day after.
  • (Pick-up Monday after 4 pm and return Wednesday before 10 a.m.)
  • Weekend rentals Pick up after 5pm Friday and return before 10am Monday

Late returns are billed at standard daily rate. No weekly or monthly discounts apply. 


Weekly Rates:

  • 4 day week: Rental for 7 consecutive days.
  • Weekly rental discount only valid on pre paid rentals.

Late returns are billed at standard daily rate. No weekly or monthly discounts apply.


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