By Jefferson Graham

The cool thing about shooting video on DSLRs starts with the quality-- cinema-like, crisp video with colors that pop. I don't care if you're using the entry-level Canon Rebel or the beloved 5D Mark III. Both cameras have image sensors that are some 20 times the size of what you'll find on even the most expensive video cameras. 


The trick is learning to shoot video from the back of an LCD, keeping your image in focus and steady, and applying good sound techniques to your production. I'll do all that in our session at Creative Photo Academy, so bring your cameras and questions--we'll do lots of hands on in the class.

A common question I often get--what are my favorite types of videos to shoot? Visual extravaganza's that tell a story. For instance, I just did a piece for USA TODAY in San Francisco. One was about an alternative cab company, Lyft, that charges less money than Yellow Cab, and gets accessed via a smartphone app. The cabs drive around town in big pink mustaches on their dashboard. So beyond just interviewing the folks who created the app, we got shots of me calling the cab on the app, the car pulling up to greet me, driving me around and entering the headquarters for the interview.



This is called storytelling 101 and can be applied to any type of video. Making a sports production about your son's soccer game? Open with him putting on his socks and cleats, leaving the house, entering the field, giving high-fives to the teammates. Tell the story.

We'll go over these techniques in more details when we meet on July 7 for our workshop.