Like any specific type of photography, studio portraiture can be difficult to master. Here instructor and professional photographer Dave Bever breaks it down with a few tips and some visual inspiration.


What are two tips you have for taking studio portrait photos?

1. Use of a hair light greatly increases the depth of any portrait, creating a dramatic and pleasing image.

2. Create separation between your subject and your background - this can be accomplished by controlling your depth of field outdoors, or by lighting your subject two stops brighter (against a black background) or darker against a white background.

Or you can simply use BEVERs 5 rules of portraiture:

1. Connect with your subject - establish a relationship

2. Focus on the eyes

3. Control the light and the shadows on your subject

4. Control the background by controlling the depth of field or its brightness

5. Fill the frame with your subject


Is there a particular portrait photographer whose work you admire?

Kevin Kobota.  He does absolutely amazing photography using speed lights.  He controls every aspect of light, to produce absolutely stunning images.

Kevin Kobota
Kevin Kobota

What is one piece of photographing equipment you couldn't do without when taking these types of photos?

For me, the most useful piece of equipment is simply a VERY LARGE silver reflective umbrella.  With this, one can produce stunning soft-lit images - great for group or boudoir images.


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