Nikon celebrates their 100th Anniversary and we are partying all week long with them. Join us for the fun festivities and events, take some amazing photos and learn something new!
All Photographers welcome!


Monday, July 17, 7-9pm NIKON Ambassador Vincent Versace
Travel Photography Lecture @ Creative Photo Academy - FREE*

Tuesday July 18, 3-6pm NIKON Classic Car Show
Try a NIKON Camera or Lens, photograph classic cars and models.
FREE Register online*. FREE 8x12 print for each photographer

Wednesday July 19 NIKON Learning Center
10-11:30am Better Family Photos - FREE*
12-1pm Lunch & Learn- Travel Photos - FREE*
4-5:30pm Photo 101 for Teens - FREE*
6:30-9:30pm NIKON Landscape Before & After Dark

Learn to make stunning landscape photos in sunlight, sunset and moonlight. Camera settings, creative thought and inspiring pictures

Thursday July 20, 6-8pm PhotoBrew @ Absolution Brewing Co.
Grab your camera come out and make great night pictures of classic cars and models. Try a NIKON Camera or Lens, and have a beer! FREE*

Friday July 21, 6-9pm NIKON Hawaiian Luau Shoot
Try a NIKON Camera or Lens. Photograph Fire spinners and live models. FREE*

Saturday July 22 -NIKON 100th Anniversary Celebration
Prizes all day!
Nikon Camera & Lens Rebates
FREE Filter with every NIKON lens
FREE Case with every NIKON Camera
NIKON 10x 32 Binocular Raffle

Delkin UHS-2 Black Cards, Think Tank Bags, Black Rapid Straps Manfrotto Tripods, Lighting, Accessories

Don’t forget to stop by our Photo Gallery to view the Nikon Ambassadors images of the month!

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bfm-5PAUL'S PHOTO + Creative Photo Academy

Big Photo Month Celebration 2017

MayCANON Test Drive EVENTFREEall month
MayNIKON Test Drive EVENT FREEall month
May 5FriMichele Magdalena- Vision & Form*$497pm
May 6SatCapturing Dynamic Concert Photos*$20/$997pm
May 6SatFREE Sensor Cleaning & How To by DelkinFREEall day
May 6Sat1st Look- NIKON SLR* $499am
May 6SatIntermediate Composition* $499am
May 7SunLearning Photoshop- Exploring 1* $1491pm
May 8MonLearning Lightroom- Exploring 1* $14912:30pm
May 9Tues1st Look- Pocket Camera* $497pm
May 9TuesAdvanced Inspirational ImagesFREE7.15pm
May 10WedLunch + Learn- Kid’s Sports PhotographyFREEnoon
May 10WedNikon Learning Center- Macro Photography*$497pm
May 11ThuAdvanced Focus your VisionFREE7:15pm
May 11ThuMastering Manual Mode* $497pm
May 12-13NIKON WEEKEND FREEall day
May 13SatLearning Photoshop- Exploring 2* $1491pm
May 15MonWeston Figure Workshop Discussion*$9957pm
May 16TuesIntermediate Flash*$497pm
May 16TuesThe WOW Pictures*$497pm
May 18ThuNight Hawks- Hollywood Bus Trip*$696pm
May 18ThuDrink & Click- Strand Brewery by PanasonicFREE7pm
May 20Sat1st Look- CANON SLR*$499am
May 20SatPhotoWalk- Armed Forced Day Parade*$29noon
May 20SatGoing Pro- Capturing Occasions* $1991pm
May 21SunIntermediate Faces, Family & Friends*$4910am
May 21SunLearning Lightroom- Exploring 2* $14912:30pm
May 21SunStudio Lighting Workshop* $1291pm
May 25ThuExploring NIK Software*$996:30pm
May 29MonMemorial Day HolidayClosed

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Dina is our student of the month for April, 2016. Her macro photographs have a calm familiarity combined with an engaging sense of discovery. I feel like I'm exploring the unknown through the known. From a compositional standpoint she has a great sense of color, utilization of bokeh and refreshing frankness of design. Come see her work through April.

We had an interview by Creative Photo Academy's Ryan Chambers with Dina Lauro to hear about her work and what inspires her:

If you could sum up this work in one word what would it be?

Which photograph has meant the most to you?
They all mean a lot to me. I put so much thought, sometimes too much, into each one of them.

Where have you found inspiration photographically?
In my yard and on photo walks. I also like to look at other photographers work. Sometimes I'll see a picture and think, "Wow, I never thought to take that picture in that way or from that perspective". I learn from that.

Who do you feel like you were making this work for?

Was there anything about yourself or something else that you discovered making these pictures?
If I think too much about how I'm going to take a picture, I affects my creativity. I just have to relax and let it happen.


Was there a class, instructor, Pro Talk or Adventure that really helped you connect with photography?
Definitely Boot Camp! I originally took the class just so I could take better pictures of my kids. Then once I learned what my camera was capable of, I wanted to put that knowledge to the test and discover what I was able to do. I love the challenge. Also, Mark's infectious enthusiasm for photography pulled me in. I've learned that it's so much more than just taking a picture.

Is there a piece of equipment that you really love?
I love my 105mm macro lens. It's one of the first lenses I bought.

What thread do you feel ties these pictures together besides you taking them?
They are filled with so much detail. You see things that you can't see with the naked eye.

What is your advice to someone starting in photography?
Take Boot Camp! Also, just go outside and shoot. You can take all the classes you want but the real learning comes from taking as many pictures as you can. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. You will make lots of them. Then all of a sudden you take one photograph that makes you say, "Wow, I did that!". That's a good feeling.

Do you have any projects you're planning to do next?
My project is to improve myself as a photographer. I guess you can say that my project is never ending.

What's your favorite color?
Sage green! I have a large wall in my house painted this color. It's very relaxing to me.


See her work at our First Tuesday Art Opening on April 5th from 5:30-7:00pm. Learn More: HERE.


eSabrina2015There's nothing like your first L.A. Zoo Photo Day but what about when you're first zoo day is also your first photo day? Sabrina shares her experience at her very first Zoo Day. Sabrina, thanks for sharing your story with us!


November 8, 2015 was special day for me because it was my first photo day ever. I sat in on Boot Camp a couple of times but this was my first time going to a photo event. I did not expect to take any pictures though. I was just going along as a guest with my friend Emma and my mom. Emma and I where so excited to see all the different kinds of animals and learn more about them.

When we arrived at the zoo, I noticed that there where a ton of photographers. You could tell they were photographers because they all were wearing a special zoo T-shirt with a monitor on it. My mom put on her shirt and then we looked at the schedule to figure out what we wanted to do. My mom wanted to see the lions and the chimpanzees, Emma wanted to see the reptile exhibit, and I wanted to see the tigers, but first, we were going to see the opening speech of the photo day at the zoo.

Sometimes speeches can seem like they go on and on, however, this speech was quite entertaining. Mark was doing the speech. Mark owns and works at Paul’s Photos and has a good sense of humor. Mark is also really good with cameras and teaches boot camp.


Some of the pictures on the power point he had on were really amazing. There were baby animals, adult animals, and even a special kind of animal called HUMANS! But all jokes aside, the presentations were good and everyone seemed to be able to understand what was going on. You learned who you could go to for help with cameras, and where the people would be if you wanted to ask about the animals.

So after a group photo, we were off! All the participants from photo day were let into the zoo before anyone else. It was cool to be let in before the zoo opened. It looked like we where all going around on a scavenger hunt and everyone was so excited.

We first saw the wallabies and koalas. The wallabies were eating their breakfast. One seemed to be gnawing on a carrot while the other seemed to be eating head first in its food bowl. On the other hand, the koalas were just waking up. And what better thing to do when you wake up then to munch on some eucalyptus leaves. Stretching their arms from branch to branch was neat to watch. While Mom was taking pictures, Emma and I were sharing facts about wallabies and koalas.


We decided to make our way up to the lions by passing the giraffes and chimpanzees. There was a baby giraffe that was so cute. It was nursing from its mother while the rest of its family used their long necks to reach up and eat leaves from the tree branch on the rope. When we were done with the giraffes, we went to look at the chimpanzees, which were very lively. A mom carrying a baby was picking fights with the other chimps. The fight eventually ended with no one getting hurt. It was solved by the power of the zoo keepers as they gave the animals food.

As we made our way up to the lions, we saw Mark. Mark asked us why we didn't have cameras. We said that we were guests and we were not allowed to borrow or take pictures with cameras. Mark did not take that as an excuse and sent us up to the Treetop Terrace where he told us to borrow some cameras. Emma and I slowly walked away trying to figure out where we were supposed to be going. Mark said pick up the pace and we went back and asked him where we were supposed to be going on the map. He showed us and sent us off saying, “Geeze, it is like herding cats.” Then we heard people saying things like, “There are cats?” “Where are the cats?” So we had to make it clear that we were the cats that Mark was talking about.

On our way we found a person named Maurice that worked for Paul’s Photo and he was heading for the same place we were trying to find. The three of us ended up being captured by a photographer who wanted to get the rare humans in his picture.


We ended up making it to the Treetop Terrace. There we got our cameras not knowing anything at all about cameras! The lady there, Sheryl, was nice and helped us get our cameras and even set them up for us. We made our way back to the chimpanzees and we were able to put our memory cards in higher tech camera to take picture of the chimps. To my surprise, taking pictures was a lot more fun than I expected. I took pictures of the primates. I am an artist. I draw pictures and make moving pictures from 2d and 3d animation but I never have taken pictures before. So I think my pictures aren’t that bad considering this was my first time doing this. After Emma took some pictures of the chimpanzees, we went over to take pictures of the giraffes. I took pictures of them eating and one of them was really close to me. It seemed to be greeting everyone by saying a friendly hello.

We made our way up to the lions but they were already asleep so we did not get a good shot of them. We tried to get the monkeys next to them but their cage got in the way. We heard that the camera crew were going to take their fancy cameras to see the gorillas. We where so lucky because they offered us a ride on their tram. It felt great to relax on the tram as we already spent a lot of time walking all around. We went up the hills to see the gorillas and it felt like it only took a minute.


When we go there, I got some nice close ups of the gorillas. A big gorilla came up and started making noise. It looked all big and strong. Heroically walking down off of a rock it seemed like it wanted its picture taken. That's when it decided to give us his best angle. His back. He turned around, sat down, and put his hand on his hip. Seeing that the gorillas did not want to cooperate any more we decided to search for other animals. We took pictures of many different animals some big and some small. Then we went to lunch.

After lunch we went to the close encounters for the bugs. I got pictures of scorpions, spiders, and millipedes. The cool thing about the scorpion is that if you put a black like over it, it's exoskeleton will change from black to a glowing turquoise. I took a cool picture of it before and after the light.


My mom wanted to go to a Photoshop class so Emma and I said good bye to my mom for a little while. Emma and I were debating whether to go on an aviary walk or just wander around. In the end we decided to wander around. I took a ton of pictures of meerkats. One could have filmed the entire Meerkat Manner show just from my photos. We also took pictures of the flamingos and went to the reptile exhibit that Emma wanted to go to. We cut it really close when going back. We where supposed to be at the Tree Tops at 3:00 and we got back exactly at three.

We returned our cameras and we met up with my mom. We where so excited to see our photos and share them with each other. It was the best photo day ever and I can not wait to come back next year.


Note: This photo was taken with the Night Hawks visit to the Vincent Thomas Bridge happening again on Saturday July 18. To learn more click here.


Cuc Du is our student of the month for July, 2015.  While Cuc is relatively new to photography, she has mastered the use of the leading line while playing with the subtleties of light around curves and edges.  Using both B&W and color, some of her photographs draw you in, creating a desire to imagine what is just around the corner of the image.  Others use a path or roadway line to frame her subject.  Cuc is an inspiration to both new and seasoned photographers.  Come in and see her work this month!

We had an interview by Creative Photo Academy's Kathleen Bullard with Cuc Du to hear about her work and what inspires her:


If you could sum up this work in one word what would it be?


Which photograph has meant the most to you?

Black and white photography masters such as Ansel Adams and John Sexton. I am also fascinated with architecture photography.

Where have you found inspiration photographically?

I am inspired by how a photograph can stir my emotions. I continue to strive to make my composition more compelling and interesting through the use of contrasts between dark and light.

Who do you feel like you were making this work for?

Definitely for myself. I decided to pursue photography first as a hobby. Since then, it has become a creative outlet for me.

Was there anything about yourself or something else that you discovered making these pictures?

Generally, I am not a very patient person. Photography has taught me to take a deep breath, slow down, wait and capture that exact moment. Then repeat...until I am satisfied.

Was there a class, instructor, pro talk or trip that really helped you connect with photography?

Dr. Mark Crase encouraged me to give photography a try and now it's his fault that I am hooked. LOL. I have only been shooting and practicing for 1.5 years. The combination of bootcamp, Nighthawks, intermediate classes, and the photography travel trips have helped every step of the way. Each activity affords a new learning experience and I continue to be open for feedback. Hopefully I will eventually develop my personal style.

Is there a piece of equipment that you really love?

Hmm...I'm still saving to upgrade the camera body but do love my EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens..

What thread do you feel ties these pictures together besides you taking them?

I was intrigued with the beauty of the unexpected and a sense of mystery that stairs and bridges evoked in me. In a sense, they symbolize my own journey in life that is sometimes unknown. I question where does it starts or where does it ends and then what happens or where do I go from here? In essence, these images illustrates a reconnection with myself.

What is your advice to someone starting in photography?

Be open to learning something new everyday. Have a positive attitude while practicing to shoot better with your heart and soul rather than being self-critical of your work. There will be good days and then there will be not so good days. But, keep practicing!

Do you have any projects you're planning to do next?

I plan to take the advance courses next year, practice more black and white, and explore architecture photography. In the meantime, I will continue to participate in the Nighthawks, photography adventures with Paul's Photos and with my own travels. I recently joined the photography club at work so more opportunity to improve.

What's your favorite color?

Passionate dark colors, no pastel colors please.

See his work at our First Tuesday art opening this Tuesday July 7 from 5:30-7:00pm.
Learn More: HERE.

*Update: Just added "Cash Is King" sales event May 7-10!


May is Nation Photo Month and we've got big plans for you. Mark has been working with our vendors to create some great opportunities for you to get access to the newest gear and expert advice. Here's all the brands that wanted to do something special for you (Click on their name to see what they have on the calendar for you):



New CI Logo [Converted]











 BIG Photo Month Schedule


May 2              Studio Lighting Workshop.  12-4pm  $129
May 2              ProMaster Portrait-Palooza Demo + SALE
May 2 + 3        Black & White Photography Workshop.  9-4pm  $299
May 3-9           The LAB Special- Make a Print for Mom- 12x18 Enlargement Special
May 3-9           NIKON Week Celebration
May 3-31         NIKON TEST DRIVE Experience.  FREE 5-day Camera + Lens Rental
May 5              FIRST TuesdayBeholding Eye in Gallery.  Student of the Month- Walt Diaz
May 5              FIRST Tuesday PRO TALK- Hanishiro,  USA Today photographer 7pm  $20
May 6              NIKON Tips and Tricks seminar.  7-9pm  $49
May 7              RODE mic LIVE DEMO + SALE  1-6pm
May 7              NIKON Portrait Techniques seminar.    7-9pm  $49
May 7 - 10      Cash Is King: No Sales Tax on Major Brands (learn more below this post)
May 8 + 9        NIKON LIVE Demo + SALE
May 8 + 9        LOWEPRO Bag Try & Buy  SALE
May 10-16       The LAB Special- Crazy for Canvas- Canvas Wall Art Special
May 10-16       CANON Week Celebration
May 12            Advanced Photo Class-  Inspirational Images.  7:15pm  FREE  “check it out”
May 13            CANON Tips and Tricks seminar.  7-9pm  $49
May 14            Advanced Photo Class-  Creative Vision.  7:15pm  FREE “check it out”
May 15 + 16    CANON LIVE Demo + SALE
May 15 + 16    TAMRON Lens Day Demo  + SALE
May 15 + 16    MeFoto-Induro-Vu-Tenba LIVE Demo + SALE
May 16            DELKIN Sensor Cleaning Demo + SALE  12-5
May 16            Photo Walk- Botanical Gardens.  9-11am  $30
May 16            HOODMAN “Hollywood Style” Demo + SALE
May 17-23       The LAB Special- Tape to DVD Special- Transfer your Videos to disc
May 18            Alaska Preview Show with Robert O’Toole + Mark Comon.  7-9pm  FREE
May 21            Open Critique Night.  7-9pm.  FREE to attend.  $25 for image evaluation
May 22            ZEISS Lens Exploration Day + SALE
May 22            THINK TANK Bags Try & Buy SALE
May 22 + 23    PANASONIC Lumix Demo + SALE
May 22           MYLIO LIVE Demo + SALE
May 22            Mylio Exploration + How To seminar.  6-8pm  FREE
May 17-23       The LAB Special- Slide-Scan-a-Palooza- Digitize your 35mm slides
May 28            FUJI DAY Demo + SALE
May 28            FUJI X-Camera Tips and Tricks seminar.  7-9pm  $49
May 28            Night Hawks- Hollywood Bus Tour + Shoot.  6-Midnight.  $40 shoot $30 bus
May 28 + 29    SIGMA Lens LIVE Demo + SALE
May 28 + 29    THINK TANK Bags Try & Buy SALE



Win free stuff, try out gear and learn from the pros!

Monday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 28th

Panasonic has been pioneering Mirrorless cameras and their new 4k photo capture capability is changing the way we make pictures. Panasonic’s Mirrorless cameras combine the high image quality and interchangeable lens capabilities of DSLRS with the lighter weight and discrete advantage of Point And Shoot cameras. So whether you’re looking to lighten your load or step up in quality, we think there’s something special about Mirrorless. Join us on the Panasonic’s Mirrorless Camera Walk to try out the camera in real life with Mark Toal.

Daily Prizes!

Try out gear during normal store hours or attend a Panasonic event to be entered in the daily raffle and grand prize raffle! Win prizes everyday and a GRAND PRIZE of a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Mirrorless camera on Saturday!

Daily Prizes: 2 in 1 USB battery charger and back-up battery, 32GB SD cards or noise cancelling headphones.


Grand Prize: The orange Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera: a highly compact and lightweight digital camera. Try one out!




Microsoft Word - William Innes Speaking travel.docx

Pro Talk with William Innes
Thursday, March 26 from 7-9pm

Panasonic Luminary William Innes will share images from his travels around the world and discuss how mirrorless cameras have helped him create photographs with impact while being able to be fully present in the incredible places he shoots. Learn more...

mark toal

Camera Walk with Mark Toal 03.28.15 2-4pm

Free Admission

Mark Toal shoots professionally with Mirrorless Cameras and works as an Imaging Trainer at Panasonic. His photographs were recently published in PDN and 1859 Oregon Magazine. Don’t miss the chance to learn from Mark in the field with Panasonic's newest cameras.


Olympus Mirrorless March

Free 2 Day Loaner Program and Demo Day

Olympus is pulling out all stops. Come borrow their top of the line cameras for two days for free. And stop by their live shoot  at Paul's Photo on Friday, March 14th to experiment with over 20 lenses!


Free 2 Day Loaner Program

We have the brand new OM-D E-M5 Mark II with their pro 14-40mm f2.8 lens available to take home and try. We also have their OM-D E-M1 with their 14-40mm f2.8 to try at home. These are two of the nicest Mirrorless Cameras available and you don't have to pay a penny to try them!

Micro4Thirds_LensFamily+New 2015 Lenses

 Live Shoot Demo Day

Saturday, March 14th from 10am-4pm

Olympus is bring over 20 lenses for you to experiment with in our studio. This is a free event where you get access to all the lenses you've been looking at in two dimension on the computer screen. Bring your memory card and come see what Mirrorless has to over.


Laurie Mortara is our student of the month for August, 2014. We're really excited to have her photographs featured in our main gallery along with the Eastern Sierra group show. What really stands out to me about her work is the way she flattens the photograph and her monochromatic use of color. These elements push me to see Laurie's images as impressions or thoughts rather than depictions of a particular space or time. They ask me to experience instead of think.

If you like what you see here, come view the rest of her work in our gallery.

We had an interview with Laurie to explore her thoughts about the photographs she's showing as well as where she sees herself going next:

If you could sum up this work in one word what would it be?

Which photograph has meant the most to you?
Impossible to say: Edward Weston's Pepper #30 has fascinated me since I saw it almost 40 yrs ago.

Where have you found inspiration photographically?
From the West: Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, Matisse and Klimt
From the East: Hiroshige, Hokusai and Ohtsu

Who do you feel like you were making this work for?
I am making it for me, although sometimes I'm not sure why. I do, however, love it when strangers have a reaction to my work and enjoy the idea that when a photograph is bought it goes who knows where to be seen by who knows who.

Was there anything about yourself or something else that you discovered making these pictures?
The image is always there in the beginning. I may just not have appreciated it in all it's glory until it begs for a bit of cropping here, some color there or a specific treatment. How and why that process occurs and why I stop at a particular final image is a bit of a mystery.

Was there a class, instructor, pro talk or trip that really helped you connect with photography?
Death Valley Adventures teach me about contemplation, grandness and finding the picture. Eastern Sierra teach me about joy and color. But a photographer in Advanced class told us of how he had been rejected by a photo group for making "beautiful photos of flowers fit for a Seed Catalogue". I continue to strive to show a different side of things.

Is there a piece of equipment that you really love?
I am very low tech. My husband Chris guides me in choosing equipment and patiently troubleshoots my pleas for help.

What thread do you feel ties these pictures together besides you taking them?
Deep Color and simple line: these are the characteristics in Japanese Woodblock and much of Asian art.

What is your advice to someone starting in photography?
Photography is in a state of flux: it can be mobile, cellphone, manipulated, video, collage, documentary or so many other things. Don't limit yourself from the get go...explore it all but remember the power of the well crafted, simple image that resonates.

Do you have any projects you're planning to do next?
I have several ongoing projects I'd like to bring to fruition.

What's your favorite color?
yellow:deep, bright yellow

If you didn't get a chance to make it out to our Nikon D810 party we wanted to share some of the images.

High ISO comparison (to download the full resolution image click here):

A nature shot with the D810:


And our night portrait shoot:

Come on by the store to check them out OR come rent one!