What’s In Your Bag? Peter’s Video+Photo Bag

This post comes from our Sales Team Member and Creative Photo Academy Educator, Peter Khauo. We asked Peter to share about what's in his Video+Photo bag.
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What camera bag do you use?
Lowe Pro 170AW

What do you use it for?
Everything from video to stills.


Tell us about your set up and how you use it.
I have the LowPro Backpack and it has three compartments for lens. The top section is stuff with my H6, 580EXII Flash, ipad mini 3, lighting to sd dongle, continuous LED light, Gary Fong Light Sphere, 6 batteries, 2 chargers, 4 rechargeable AA batteries, scissors, multi-tool, receipt book, gorilla tape, metallic sharpies, and of course my watch.

The tools where added to my bag when I encounter issues that I needed to fix on the fly.

I use the ipad for reference when shooting video and also to display images for client after shoots are done.


What cameras, lenses and flashes do you bring?
Canon 6D
17-40mm F4L
70-200 F2.8L

Why is it awesome for what you do?
This setup is awesome because it covers most focal range. When I'm shooting video, I had a preplan set up of what I need when I plan to edit.

What's one piece of gear you think people should have?
First Aid Kit, I have one in my car.  But seriously, extra memory cards, extra pre-charged batteries.


What's one thing you carry with you that you wish you didn't have to bring?
Laptop/iPad since I like to review my work at home but many times clients what to see images/video right away.

Is there anything you would change for this to be your dream bag?
More prime lens. I would love to add Tamron 35mm F1.8, Tamron 85mm F1.8, Canon 24-70F2.8 Mark II, and Canon 70-200 F2.8 Mark II, and 5D Mark IV, and Rode Video Pro Mic/Rode Wireless Lav.

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