The Secret to Great Travel Pictures

Making great travel photographs is an art form. It requires attention to culture, landscape, history and your unique experience of the place. Travel photography works all of your photography muscles: landscape, documentary and portraiture. For this important subject we reached out one of the most seasoned travel photographers, Mark Comon.


Travel Photography:  The Secrets to a Great Adventure

When you travel you want to share your adventure with family and friends.   There is a formula to producing good travel photographs and great travel presentations.  Take the “National Geographic” approach to your next week-long adventure or weekend get-away.

Tell the Story
Travelers and photographers want to tell the story of the adventure and share our feeling for the location.  The secret is to remember these goals when snapping your photos and while organizing your photo book and slide show.

Find your Title Photograph
Begin with an informative title photos.  Let the audience know where you are with images of well-known landmarks (Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffel Tower) and photos of signs or descriptive images (Santa Fe 10 miles).  Make your titles interesting by including people wherever appropriate.


Show the Natural Beauty
You visit remote locations because of the natural beauty.  Bring back beautiful scenic photos to make your audience jealous!  What drew you to this place: mountains, oceans, rivers or architecture?  Show the beauty and scenic grandeur through your photography.

Include Local People
A visit to India would not be complete without photos of Indians. Photograph the local people to bring the audience in contact with the place. Nothing says more about a locale than the people that live there. Use wide-angle lenses in close for groups or crowds (the market place in Marrakech) and telephoto for faces and candid images.  Always learn the local customs and respect their rules, regulations and privacy.


Shoot the Details
Capture the local flavor by capturing pictures that are unique to your destination.  When in Italy great photographs have the taste, smell, and feel of Italy.  What photos makes you feel the location: the marketplace with street vendors, the town square with old men discussing politics or the beautiful stained glass windows in the cathedral.  Search out the local images and bring them home.

Back home is the most difficult process…. EDITING!  Keep only the best, dispose of the rest.  Be ruthless to only show your best photos.

We hope this helps you snap and keep the right pictures on your amazing Vacation.


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