What’s In Your Bag? Ryan’s Adventure Bag

This post comes from our Creative Director at Creative Photo Academy. We asked Ryan to share about what's in his camera bag. Feel free to ask questions or share thoughts in the comments.


What camera bag do you use?
Think Tank

What do you use it for?
Hiking, bike tours, anything where there's risk of injury... :]

Olympic Peninsula, Wa
Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Tell us about your set up and how you use it.
I have a couple full frame cameras with a bunch of lenses and flashes but I realized I really didn't enjoy traveling with all of them when we were going out for fun and adventures. So I picked up a Fuji XT1 and a couple lenses. This little bag is actually designed to fit a single DLSR body but it's perfect for my whole kit with a ton of pockets, adjustable dividers and a waterproof cover! I can fit everything I need for making awesome pictures and everything I want personally... snacks, sunglasses, phone and notebook. It also integrates with my other Think Tank bags so when I'm on a shoot I can use it too...

What cameras, lenses and flashes do you bring?
Fuji XT1
35mm 1.4
18-55mm 2.8-4
EF-X8 Flash


Why is it awesome for what you do?
This set up is incredible because it attaches to my belt. I can jump, climb and run without it getting in the way. When I want to grab gear it's already being supported at waist level so it's easy to move and change anything I need. And with the waterproof cover if I get stuck in the rain or am getting too close to the surf, I can just throw it on and not worry.

What's one piece of gear you think people should have?
I think the LenSpen and a lens cloth is really underestimated. That combination will clean just about anything off my lens from dust to finger prints to oil spots. It's not a sexy piece of equipment but lets you keep shooting and there's something to be said for that.

Big Sur, Ca
Big Sur, Ca

What's one thing you carry with you that you wish you didn't have to bring?
Honestly this little set up is about as paired down as it gets. I feel great. Now, when I share my pro set up... then we'll talk.

Is there anything you would change for this to be your dream bag?
I'd add polarizers for my lenses and a certain pancake lens from Fuji that doesn't exist yet. But as far as the bag goes I wish it had more hefty strap attachment points for when I want to throw it over my shoulder. Carrying it on my belt is way more ergonomic but it's kind of dorky at times. I also wish the materials were more vintage/classy and less techie/tactical.

Death Valley, Ca
Death Valley, Ca
You can see more photographs with this set up on his website or instagram.
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