Student of the Month: Pinelopi Athanasopoulos Darras

Pinelopi is our student of the month for June, 2016. Her live documentary work utilize strong/bold lighting, colors and lines. There is a sense of energy and grandeur to her work that excites rather than slows down, calling the viewer to experience the performer not contemplate the photograph. Come see her work through June.

We had an interview by Creative Photo Academy's Ryan Chambers with Pinelopi Athanasopoulos Darras to hear about her work and what inspires her:

image (2)

If you could sum up this work in one word what would it be?

Which photograph has meant the most to you?
I have so many favorites from my own photos as well as other artists that it's very difficult to separate just one out of a bunch. Each one has its own reasons of becoming a favorite, that being a feeling it portrays, elaborate colors, perspective and the list can go on..

Where have you found inspiration photographically?
Inspiration for me comes from life itself! Around us there is such beauty, even in an abandoned building... in each one of us an interpretation of how we perceive what time leaves behind. If I could put in a blender colors that contrast, feelings, textures and moments, that would be my recipe for a cocktail called inspiration!

Who do you feel like you were making this work for?
Obviously to fulfill my own curiosities and creative outbursts at first. Secondary for everyone else. I won't lie, I do enjoy the attention and emotions my images bring to people. Especially when it's a heirloom piece of a moment that would be cherished for times to come.

image (1)

Was there anything about yourself or something else that you discovered making these pictures?
How fun it is to let go of the daily stresses of life and just be lost right there, in the moment of capture and creation of an image itself! It's a thrill when I look through that viewfinder and see a moment happening , especially when you can't recreate it, like a live event for example. And when I have that " money shot" that itself is the reward.

Was there a class, instructor, Pro Talk or trip that really helped you connect with photography?
I've always been a photographer at heart but when I met Mark Comon on Christmas, 2013 and saw all the great trips and classes he offers, that was very exciting! Along the way he not only helped me understand equipment better but has also become a friend and that's also important. Meeting people you can click with along the way. One of my favorite classes with him was the artistic nudes course. It opens up perspective of composition and playing with natural light along with the beautiful figures of the female body.

Is there a piece of equipment that you really love?
I really love my 24-70mm 2.8 Nikon lens for my D800 camera. When I'm on the go and don't want to carry heavy equipment with me, I have a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera that works pretty amazingly!

image (3)What thread do you feel ties these pictures together besides you taking them?
These are very famous artists in the Greek musical scene as well artist from the United States with global recognition. The fact that I was able to see and create portraits and images of them looking majestic, bold and grand in what they do best, complimented with bold colors I think would be it.

What is your advice to someone starting in photography?
Don't run and buy expensive equipment if you are just starting. Understand the theories behind photography, learn the gear you already have and in the future invest in good lenses. The crystal is where all the difference is made. Educate yourself and photography doesn't end after creating the image, but after you are done with all your final touches through editing.(highlights, shadows, sharpness, blur,color etc).

Do you have any projects you're planning to do next?
I have many projects I have in mind for the future but as of the near future, I am covering a live concert at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, June 4th,2016 for the North American Tour "Os to xeimerwma" of Giorgos Tsalikis & Eleutheria Eleutheriou, brought by PowerMuse Production.

What's your favorite color?
White & Blue all day!


See her work at our First Tuesday Art Opening on June 7th from 5:30-7:00pm. Learn More: HERE.

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