Student of the Month: Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer is our student of the month for May, 2016. Her documentry/travel photographs have strong formal qualities with leading lines, repeated patterns and interesting vanishing points. Her use of color is somber and muted. Her photographs elicit a similar feeling for me as Cartier Bresson's where I am witnessing a split second that holds for an eternity, the almost and not yet... Come see her work through April.

We had an interview by Creative Photo Academy's Ryan Chambers with Jennifer Morrison to hear about her work and what inspires her:


If you could sum up this work in one word what would it be?

Which photograph has meant the most to you?
I love the lighting and feel of Ansel Adams North Court Arches.

Where have you found inspiration photographically?
I love black and white photos, so I have found a lot of inspiration through Ansel Adams.

Who do you feel like you were making this work for?
Myself. To give me something to document my travels and keep me inspired to keep traveling.


Was there anything about yourself or something else that you discovered making these pictures?
I used to think that editing photos was cheating, but I've come to the realization that I enjoy adding filters and different edits that make the pictures all my own. Even if someone captured the same photo that I did, it wouldn't look exactly the same. I'm learning to have fun with editing.

Was there a class, instructor, pro talk or trip that really helped you connect with photography?
Boot Camp really helped me learn my camera and forced me to get out there and practice different techniques and take different types of photos.

What thread do you feel ties these pictures together besides you taking them?
They are all streetscape images taken in Germany.

What is your advice to someone starting in photography?
Keep practicing and don't give up even when you start to get frustrated that your photos aren't turning out how you imagined them to.

Do you have any projects you're planning to do next?
I'm going to Peru in September, so maybe something to do with Manchu Michu or the local life there.

What's your favorite color?


See her work at our First Tuesday Art Opening on May 3rd from 5:30-7:00pm. Learn More: HERE.

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