What’s In Your Bag? Mark’s Africa Safari Bag

This post comes from our Vice President of PAUL'S PHOTO and Founder of Creative Photo Academy, Mark Comon. We asked Mark to share about what's in his camera bag. Feel free to ask questions or share thoughts in the comments.


What camera bag do you use?
LowePro ProTrekker 450AW-II

What do you use it for?
Safaris, Wild Animals & Sports

Alaska, 2015
Alaska, 2015

Tell us about your set up and how you use it.
This is my action kit...
If I am on the sidelines of a soccer match, football field or in the dugout at a baseball game this is my go to kit.
When I am on safari in Africa, Alaska or Yellowstone this is the kit...
When I am at the Zoo or Bolsa Chica capturing wildlife this is the kit

What cameras, lenses and flashes do you bring?
Nikon D810 and D750 (for now)
400mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 14-24mm 2.8 and 1.4 extender

Why is it awesome for what you do?
'Cause it capture the pictures the way I like it.

What's one piece of gear you think people should have?
For action... a 400mm lens! For remote adventures... I always carry one card and one battery for each day I'm on the trip. I use a separate card so if anything happens to my equipment or the card gets corrupted I don't lose everything I shot. And I bring a battery for each day because I can't be sure I'll always have access to power and it's the most frustrating thing in the world for me to have a battery being what's separating me from the shot of a lifetime! It's not worth the risk when I've spent big bucks to be out there.


What's one thing you carry with you that you wish you didn't have to bring?
A big lens... 400mm big!

Is there anything you would change for this to be your dream bag?
No, I love the gear and the pictures it produces.

Yellowstone, Wy
Yellowstone, Wy
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  1. I have some odds and ends in my camera bag; stuff I think is useful and necessary. I wondered what other photographers carried in their well-worn camera bags .These days we also carry a backpack with water bottles, fruit and snacks, binoculars, a small towel, mosquito repellent, etc. One or two small flashlights if we're staying overnight

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