Student of the Month: Joyce Cardwell

Joyce is our student of the month for January, 2016.  Her work was all shot during 2015. For me, it is really interesting to see how she approaches a variety of different subjects with her unique perspective. And it's amazing to see how many experiences she packs in (did I mention she just came back from her second trip to Cuba?) Come see her work this month in our gallery!

We had an interview by Creative Photo Academy's Ryan Chambers with Joyce Cardwell  to hear about her work and what inspires her:


Where have you found inspiration photographically?
I love traveling and taking photographs is an important part of any trip. Without a camera in hand, I would be lost!

Who do you feel like you were making this work for?

Was there anything about yourself or something else that you discovered making these pictures?
Getting a great picture is a lot of work!!

Was there a class, instructor, pro talk or trip that really helped you connect with photography?
Boot Camp with Mark Comon started me towards getting quality pictures by design rather than by chance. I have taken all four Intermediate classes, the Night Hawks Photo Walks and most of the classes offered. I have gone with Mark to Kenya in 2014 and Cuba in 2015. I am also going to Tokyo with Creative Photo Academy in February 2016.

Is there a piece of equipment that you really love?
I am very fortunate to have great equipment. I have a Nikon D810 with the new 24-70 lens, the 200-500 lens, the 70-200 lens and the 105 Micro. My goal is to take pictures that sometimes warrant me to have such great equipment!

What thread do you feel ties these pictures together besides your taking them?
The name of my exhibit is "Looking Back: My 2015 Journey with Creative Photo Academy". These pictures were all taken for Creative Photo Academy classes/trips during the year.

What is your advice to someone starting in photography?
Take Photo Book Camp!!

Do you have any projects you're planning to do next?
I am looking forward to accepting the challenge of CPA's Advanced Class next year.

What's your favorite color?


See her work at our First Tuesday Art Opening on January 5th from 5:30-7:00pm. Learn More: HERE.

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