Firmware Updates, It’s work it!


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Firmware updates are important!

Firmware is the “computer program” that runs your digital device.  Your digital photo equipment (cameras, lenses, flashes, scanners and printers) can be updated and their “working performance” improved with a firmware update.  Every day engineers from the manufacturers are correcting faults, improving performance and adding features to today’s digital equipment.  Today you can update and improve the features and performance through firmware updates.

Frustrated with slow start-up and iffy focus on your camera?  Try a firmware update to improve the workings of your camera.  To be eligible you must own an authorized version of the equipment and it must be registered with the manufacturer.  If you haven’t registered, do it today!

How do you know if you need an update?

In the setup menu of your camera find the info icon and check the firmware version.  Note the version of the firmware which is currently installed in your equipment.  Next we’ll compare your camera’s firmware version versus the latest update available from the manufacturer by visiting your manufacturer’s website.   Check the current firmware at the service and support or download page.

How do you update?

If you need to update it’s quite simple.  In most cases all you do is download the update to your computer.  Insert your camera’s memory card (formatted in the camera before-hand) into your card reader.  Drag the program from your hard drive or desktop to the memory card.  Insert the memory card into the camera (power off).  Turn the camera on and follow the icons… new firmware detected (OK) install (yes)… that’s it!

We currently recommend that you check your firmware monthly for the latest updates and revisions.  It takes 30 minutes to update… you’ll love the difference!  If you can’t do it PAUL'S PHOTO  is always happy to update your firmware for you … it costs $50 and takes a few hours!

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