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Basic Photography Classes 200


Photo Boot Camp





Saturday Evenings 4 - 6pm, Aug 3 - Sept 21 $250 #201-0803


Sunday Mornings 10am- 12pm, Aug 4 - Sept 22 $250 #201-0804

*You may choose to attend Saturday or Sunday

or “mix and match” to meet your schedule.


Tuesday 9-11am September 3- October 15 $250 #201-0903

Wednesday 7-9pm September 4- October 16 $250 #201-0904

You may attend Tuesday or Wednesday

or “mix and match” to meet your schedule.


Paul’s Photo’s classes work! Over 250 students each month since 1988 can’t be wrong! Learn to use your camera’s modes and setting, gain confidence “making pictures” and jumpstart your creativity. Our proven methods will lead you step-by-step to understanding your camera, have greater success making the pictures you desire and have more fun taking your fantastic photographs.


Photo Boot Camp is the ideal way to learn how to work your interchangeable lens camera. You will explore the technical aspects, creative features and photographic thought process. Six weeks will turn the snap-shooter into a photographer or hone the skills of a seasoned shutterbug. The emphasis is on your camera technique, creativity and expression. Assignments will be given and critiqued. Designed for “beginning” photographers of all age, skill and interest levels! Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) or Digital Interchangeable Lens (DIL) camera required. Students completing Photo Boot Camp are eligible to earn Creative Photo Academy Certification.  


Lesson 1.

The Camera. Shutter speeds for creativity. Lens openings and f-stops. Wide, normal, telephoto lenses

Lesson 2.

The Image. Capture the decisive moment. The basics of composition. Look for the details!

Lesson 3.

The Exposure. Mid-tone and proper exposure. Exposure meter: Matrix & Spot Mark’s rule of exposure

Lesson 4.

The Light. Understand quality of light. See the direction of light. Relish the color of light

Lesson 5.

Flash and Focus. Electronic flash basics. Focus to concentrate attention. Depth of field

Lesson 6.

Improve Your Image. Creative filters. Sharing your photographs. Improving your photos in the future


 If you can’t come to class take Paul’s Basic Photography in the comfort of your living room…Watch the DVD’s, do the assignments and learn to use your camera!

Six one-hour DVD’s with notes, quizzes and assignments: $99.99


Download our schedule & registrations form
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Understanding Your Camera


Tuesday 11am-5pm, February 21 $250 #202-0221


Wednesday 11am-5pm, March 28 $250 #202-0328


Understanding Your Camera is an intensive all day “how to” lesson that will show you how to get the most from your digital camera. Our fun “learn by doing” format will reveal the secrets apertures and shutter speeds, how your camera sees the light and how light meter & exposure works. You will learn to control the setting, modes and dials of your camera to produce the fantastic pictures you have always wanted to create. It’s certainly worth taking a “day off” to get the best pictures of your life!


If you can’t come to class you may want to take Basic Photography in the comfort of your living room… Now available on six DVD’s with notes and assignments $99.99



FUNdamental FotoWalks

$60.00 per walk




FotoWalks is a weekend series that gives photographers of all skill levels a chance to get out in the field and hone their techniques with first-hand experience. These walks are perfect for anyone looking to practice outside the classrooms.


Sat, Apr 27

Night Photography

Shoreline Village


Sat, Aug 24

Camera Controls

Redondo Bch Pier


Sun, May 12

Fill Flash

Hopkins Wilderness Park,


Sat Sep 28

Fill Flash

Hopkins Wilderness Park


Sun, Jun 16

Exposure Ruler

Redondo Bch Pier


Sat Oct 19

Gradient Filters

Signal Hill


Sun, Jul 14

Macro Photography

Botanical Gardens





Night Photography: (#234-0427, #234-0622): Perfect way to practice all fundamentals at once. Tips & tricks for achieving expert night and low-light photography.


Fill Flash: (#234-0512, #234-0928): Learn how to use your flash during the day to fill in shadows and improve your photos. We will shoot, review, adjust, and perfect!


Macro Photography: (#234-0714): Macro photography is another word for “close-up” photography. You’ll master in-the-field stability and depth of field to achieve beautiful close-up photos.


Camera Controls: (#234-0727, #234-0824): Still fumbling with your camera? Not sure which button does what? This class will familiarize you with your camera’s functions & allow you to practice out in the field rather than in a classroom.


Polarizing & Gradient Filters: (#234-0811): Each filter creates a different effect for your image. Learn how each one works and what they can do for you.


New! FUNdamentals Exposure Ruler #235 $40.00

Thurs, May 2 10am-12pm or Thurs, May 23 6-8pm at Paul’s Photo. An exposure ruler is a visual aid that gives photographers a concrete reference for the exposure settings that will work best for each particular photograph. You’ll learn about exposure reciprocals, adjustments, and how exposure is related to a subject’s brightness.


Download our schedule & registrations form
in PDF format



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