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About Paul's Photo

We continuously strive to provide our customers with the best tools, information, and service in the photography business. Our family owned and operated store has been serving the community for over 50 years! We offer three main services:


Our camera store offers the best in camera gear and expert knowledge from our sales team, all of whom have a passion for photography and experience in the field. We offer repairs, rentals, and expert advice and consultation. Come say hello and see why we've been voted the Best Camera Store from 1999 - 2015 in both the Daily Breeze and Easy Reader!


Our printing lab is among the best in the South Bay and we offer dozens of photo printing services: photo prints on glossy papers, canvas, metal, mugs or other accessories; we make calendars, photo books, canvas wraps, and greeting cards; we can restore faded or aging photos and get you ready for your next trip with a new passport photo; we can print banners, flyers, announcements - anything you can think of, we can make happen!


The Creative Photo Academy is adjacent to Paul's Photo and offers classes for all skill and interest levels. We have two classrooms, one of which also operates as a photo gallery showcasing students work. We have beginning classes, intermediate and advanced classes, night photo walks, photo shoots and bus tours, hands-on workshops with world-famous photographers, photo-editing workshops, and more! Click on the "Classes & Adventures" tab above for more information.


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Join our team!

We're always looking for great people to join us at PAUL'S PHOTO, The Lab and Creative Photo Academy. If you're interested please fill out an Employment Application and come meet us.

Meet Our Staff


Mark Comon

Vice President of PAUL'S PHOTO

Mark finds passion and inspiration in all things. Photography is how he expresses that passion. Around here, Mark seems to be everywhere at once. He is indefatigable.


When not assisting customers, answering questions camera and lens related or not, teaching classes, interacting within the community, leading trips around the US and the globe, he'll be found at his desk (occasionally napping).  If you can't find Mark you must not be listening for him.

Jeff Ikemiya

Manager The Lab at PAUL'S PHOTO

Jeff is our master printer and image processing guru.


Don't be fooled by his quiet and unassuming manner, Jeff likes things fast!


When Jeff is not here, he's around town in his sports car or bike.


If you have a question on files or printing, there's no better person to talk to.

Lucy Bailey

Creative Photo Academy Coordinator

Lucy is our CPA resident from "down under." Along with photography, she has a passion for travel and has visited close to 30 countries around the world. And in case you are wondering, Barcelona is next on her list.


When not at Creative Photo Academy you can find Lucy dancing away at a concert or adventuring the outdoors with her husband and their rescue dog, Sadie. Lucy is also a food lover. She loves sausage rolls and pies (any Aussies out there?) or scouting out the newest restaurant.

John Eckmier

Sales Team Manager

Johnny has established himself as a well-known and much published freelance photographer. Johnny has a passion for creating images of fast or classic cars and beautiful women, and well, all things beautiful. He has a huge devotion to his home town which is not Torrance.


If you ever are in need of a loyal and kind friend, you would call yourself lucky to have one in Johnny.

Sheryl Comon

Keeper of the Books

Sheryl is our Jill of all trades. She ensures everyone's grandiose ideas are really implementable. With all the possibilities, this keeps things very interesting for her!


Sheryl also keeps the books straight and can seemingly answer any question related to the business.


But please don't come looking for her on Monday afternoons, that's Mah Jongg day!

Gerry Imura

Sales Team

Gerry has an unparalleled interest in, well, everything. Ask him about any headphones, pocket knives, pool cues, car detailing, or try asking him about a good place to eat. Gerry brings the full force of his interest to bear when sharing about cameras: Full frame DSLRs, Micro 4/3s, vintage film cameras and lenses most people don't realize exist, you name it. Just be ready to listen because he talks twice as fast as a normal person and you won't want to miss any of it.

Kenneth Bowen

Sales Team

Kenny has loved photography ever since the 7th grade. That's pretty impressive until you realize that as one of our youngest staff, 7th grade wasn't too, too long ago. Kenny juggles teaching our First Look classes, working sales, and going to college, but the smile never leaves his face.


He will one day establish himself with a commercial or fine art photography career. Until then, he's stuck with us.


Samuel Mizrahi-Powell

Sales Team

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." - George Bernard Shaw


Sam loves all things film (the kind in motion). If he's not at PAUL'S, he's working on screenplays or directing films. His ultimate goal is to use the medium of film to entertain and inspire people all across the world. And we're excited to see where he goes! For now he's hanging out with us at PAUL'S PHOTO.

Christopher Cambra

Sales Team

Christopher loves using photography to explore new places and meet new people.


One of his best adventures was following three Santas through SF streets and ending up at a Santa festival! There's nothing like a sea of Santas to make you feel like you're on the right track.


He and his wife Laurie also love playing with their rescues, Roxie and Oliver.

Ray Vidal


Ray had the intention of becoming a sports writer but he found storytelling to be much more rewarding when using images.


Ray covers sporting events for local news agencies.


When asked why he loves photography, Ray responded, "Telling someone's story with a split second of time still amazes me."

Steve Griffin


Steve fell in love with aviation photography while waiting for a flight home from San Francisco. He has been hanging out in the parking lots of LAX ever since. Hes met most of his friends in airport parking lots.


He has quite a large collection of two things in particular: display model airplanes and Aloha shirts. When you stop by, now you know how to spot him!

Nancy Howe


Nancy is a long-time photographer. She has a graduate degree in lighting design for theatre, and accordingly, she has spent a lot of time taking photos in dark places.


Nancy loves to travel the world and cruise around on boats.


She says she's "a bit of a geek-about-town."

Linda Mader


Linda has got to be one of the calmest, most unassuming people on our staff.


Imagine if your local librarian was a fire captain. She's that good.


When Linda isn't bringing your photographs to life she's probably off panning for gold, literally.

Ryan Chambers

Content Manager
at Creative Photo Academy

Ryan has a background in fine art with an emphasis in photography. He brings a more "out of the box" approach to thinking about photography education. Ryan works on special projects with us including curriculum development and communications (if you see our promotional materials and they're kind of weird, it's probably his fault).


When you can't get ahold of him he's probably out sailing or bicycle touring with his wife and pup.

Wyatt Comon 

Office Team

Wyatt is our resident computer guru.


When he isn't playing Warhammer or hanging out with Iroh, his bearded dragon, Wyatt works his magic here.


If you're lucky enough to see him at the register or in the store he's probably doing a victory lap after solving a big problem.

Margo Hendricks 


Margo has always loved photography, but isn't a "photographer" like most of the crew.


When not at work, Margo can be found in her garden, or anywhere outdoors, and don't expect to see her anywhere else but dancing at the Renaissance Faire during Ren Faire season.


Margo oversees all shipping and receiving and repairs at PAUL'S PHOTO where she will begin her 20th year with the store in 2016.

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